Monday, May 26, 2008

Wishing the World Peace on Memorial Day

To many people, Memorial Day is about picnics, the beach, and having a three-day weekend off of work. Don't get me wrong--it's about that for me, too, but I try to spend a few minutes focusing on the real reason behind the holiday--to remember soldiers who have died in the war. I'm tired from spending the day at the pool with the kids and then making dinner for Ken and all of us, but now, with a full belly and skin that isn't glowing as white as it was yesterday, I'm remembering. I'm wishing peace for all the soldiers who have passed, all those currently serving, and the loved ones they've left behind.

I am a pacifist, which I define as follows: I abhor violence. I believe that a peaceful solution is ALWAYS the first and best option to settle a dispute. I despise war but I don't always know what the alternative should/could be (which is one of the many reasons why I don't hold elected office). I feel sorry for absolutely everyone involved in a war: soldiers and regular people either caught in the crossfire or worried about their loved ones in harm's way.

I long for the time when Memorial Day is something described in history books (or electronic readers if books become obsolete by then). Maybe, someday, Zane or Ruby's great grandchildren will hear about Memorial Day in school and ask , "What's war?" and always.



  1. Hi Julie, I just put my wonderful son on a plane to TX, but this particular journey will eventually take him to Iraq as an American soldier. Keep spreading the message of peace, and thanks.


  2. Diane,
    I thought of you and your son when I wrote this. You are both in my prayers and meditations for peace.
    Lazy J