Saturday, May 24, 2008

Busy Day Today

  • Kissed the kids goodbye as they left with Mr. Ex until tomorrow night.
  • Picked up Craigslist Free Stuff find in Brighton. I found an awesome Art Deco dresser and night table for Ruby's new room.
  • Got my hair cut even shorter--LOVE it.
  • Went to the YMCA for my first new member nautilus training session. My instructor was a stroke survivor and very good at teaching me to breathe and lift slowly.
  • Did a huge grocery shopping that including invitations and goodie bag treats for Ruby and Zane's birthday party. I forgot about the dresser and night table in my car so it was interesting trying to stuff the grocery bags in around the furniture.
  • Lounged on the couch and watched a very sweet movie called About a Boy.
  • Need to get up now and get ready to go see my Bald Hot Boyfriend.

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