Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Highlights of My Afternoon

  • Dr. Pless suggested I might want to get a different neurologist if I continue to endanger our "trust" by not going for regular blood tests to make sure the Rebif isn't messing with my liver and following up with the urologist to make sure I don't have lesions near my bladder. I responded that I did not make a decision to not do those things but, rather, realized after the fact that I hadn't done them. Hmmm. Is he the right doctor for me?
  • I went to the YMCA for a class and dropped Zane in the playroom for the first time. (Ruby was having a "special date" with Mr. Ex since I'll be taking her to counseling tomorrow night during their regular time together. ) There were three sitters/teachers in the Y playroom for just four children. Zane had fun and I went to a class where I did more sit-ups than I have in the last year. I also ran into a guy I secretly crushed on in meetings when I was unhappily married. I'm not sure he remembered me.
  • Realized at 10:30 that Zane's karate uniform for tomorrow is filthy so now I can't go to bed until I put them in the dryer down in the laundry room.
  • I'm watching news coverage of subway crash on the green line. One of the drivers died. Very, very sad. This will do NOTHING for my campaign to get Ken to take public transportation.


  1. first I thought you said that you dropped Zane in the playroom for the first time, meaning that you actually dropped on his head or something.

    Regarding doctors, I just realized that I have an appointment with my rheumatologist on Tuesday and need to get bloodwork done before hand, also testing liver functions. And she wanted me to exercise more and lose some weight since our last visit in February. Well since then I experienced a relapse, did the 5-day Solumedrol, and have continued to suffer with great spasticity which makes exercising kinda not an easy priority. Oh well, maybe she'll cut me some slack.

  2. Lisa,
    No, I didn't drop Zane on his head...this week. :-)
    I'm sorry you had a relapse. :-( I need to go visit your blog now to catch up on YOU.
    Lazy Julie