Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Checking In

Whenever I have nothing profound to say or no real time to explore more mundane topics, regular readers get concerned when days past between postings. So, here I am checking in with random details of my thrilling life:
  • Milton apartment fell through. No cats allowed. Still searching. Getting nervous. Need to trust that the right place will come my way if I keep looking and believing it will come. Just to put it out there again, I still want a single family or apartment in a two family, 3 BR, washer/dryer, dishwasher, yard, and Milton. (Did you hear that, Universe?!)
  • Ruby lost another tooth yesterday but wants to show her dad before leaving it for the tooth fairy. She's very excited about a new planetarium in science class and partial product algorithms in math.
  • Zane is still peeing the bed at night. I'm wondering if a return to pullups would be easier for him and me but feeling like that's a step back. Daytimes are dry and filled with new skills, including name writing and robot drawing.
  • New job is still good. I'm writing about Thailand and demolition today.
  • Bald Hot Ken stayed over last night. It was nice but it sucks that his ex only takes Matt on Monday nights. It's hard to have a date on a school night. We're both feeling a little nudgy about our lack of time together. Last night we talked about how we have no time to hang out together and how, if we didn't have kids to consider, we would probably be living together. Our feelings are growing but our circumstances are stuck. One day at a time.
  • Tim is recovering from his heart surgery. I think he comes home later this week. Can you imagine? They slice open your chest, spread your ribs open, mess around with your heart and then you are up and walking and on your way home a week later!!??
  • Wondering if Obama and Clinton will both still be around after today's primary votes are counted in Indiana and North Carolina. Is it good for the Democratic Primary? I think so. I hear hear more people talking politics in more places these days. I just hope, post-decision, the camp that didn't win the nomination can align themselves with the one that did. I really, really do not want John McCain to be our next President.
  • Ran out of Rebif (MS meds). I used to call the speciality pharmacy the day before I needed it but I have new insurance and have taken my time switching over the prescription. I'm wondering if the flu-like symptoms will return after a week off the meds?
  • Eyesight not great lately. Last night on House, there was a guy who had all the neurological and opthalmological tests that I had pre-MS-diagnosis. He ended up being allergic to quinine. Hmmmph. Can I trade?
Blog on, star shine (said with the creepy, toothy grin of Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka).


  1. I must admit.....I do worrry. Mostly because I know how MS can step in an wreak Chaos on your Life. Glad to hear things are ok. I checked our work "classified" board..... No housing in Milton. Good luck. I will keep my ears open. Heading to the Cape this weekend to celebrate Mother's day with my Mom, great Aunt, sister, Mother-in-law, and Husband. The dogs will love to spend some time on the beach and I just love to be on the water. Best! T

  2. Thanks, Tracey. No MS havoc. Or, should I say, no more than usual. Just full-time professional, single mom stuff. Thanks for looking for housing. I am searching outside and inside Milton right now just in case the Universe doesn't want me to live there. Because the other place fell through and the pages of my daytimer are flipping by, I'm thinking I should open my mind to other South Shore communities. AND, I'm terrified that I'm not going to find a place soon. One foot in front of the other. One day at a time.
    Thanks for caring.
    Lazy J