Friday, May 30, 2008

National Spelling Bee

I should be in bed. I'm tired. But I'm totally hooked on the National Spelling Bee! It's down to two contestants. I think they're both 13. Ooooh. We're down to the final word...possibly. If the second contestant gets this word wrong the other guy gets another chance. The word is "guerdon" which means something that one has earned or gained. It's from a German word that went to French then English. He got it right! Yay for him!

Awwww. The poor little boy in Second Pace has a scrap of a mustache and looks shell-shocked by his loss. Ok. To bed.

But first...I want to write three essays this weekend. One is How You Can Tell A Lot About a Person By What They Select at the Salad Bar. Another is Self Publishing: Vanity or a Good Idea? The final essay (for now) is Should I Get an Eye Patch and If So, What Color?


  1. I had to use an eyepatch for awhile and did not like it (argghhh may-tee) but it did helped driving.

  2. I'm with Ammey...think of all the pirate jokes....


  3. What? I thought a patch would obviously need to be purple!

  4. Thanks everyone. I was thinking of finding a pattern and then hiring a tery /seamstress to make me a whole collection so I can match them to my outfits. I want the whole kit and kaboodle though with the strap and everything. Ayy, Maties. What was that murder mystery nighttime soap opera with the crazy woman who wore an eye patch? Wouldn't I always have to explain WHY I'm wearing the eye patch? Would I look crazy....ok...crazier? Did you ONLY wear yours driving, beingammey?
    Lazy J

  5. Ok, no, I did wear it other times when my depth perception was very bad. Going down stairs, while my hunny was driving, etc.

    I can sew, so I always thought of making it a better looking accessory. It is a good idea. They have flesh colored (if your flesh is the standard band aid color) adhesive eyepatches, but I was allergic.

    I should have worn it more, it would have helped some of my balance issues, etc but I was too embarassed to wear it in public.