Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Laughing out Loud

Just some funny stuff I thought I'd share:
A male Esquire author makes fun of men in this article...or is he making fun of women's expectations of men?

A hysterical political photo.

My own political cartoon. (I've become an amateur Microsoft Office Paint Cartoonist. What do you think?)
Jezebel blog makes fun of Vogue.

I love The Onion and this article is an example of why.

Quirky story I heard on NPR this morning about guys who are driving across the country trying to beat a record. Do you think they are ALWAYS stopping to pee? Speaking of public radio...I am an NPR nerd, you know...

11 Central Ave is a radio drama that NPR used to air on Fridays during Morning Edition but now it's been relegated to random carriage at random times on random stations. Grrr. This happens with all the TV shows I love, too. Remember China Beach? And Party of Five? But I digress. So, I love 11 Central Ave. I love radio dramas as a genre. I want to write one . I had the idea of creating one as a viral marketing campaign at my last job and now I'm trying to figure out if I can include a mini MP3 radio drama in either this blog or the one I'm starting for work. The thing about good ideas is that they never die...they just go into hibernation until the time is right.

Speaking of broadcast, my last funny reference is one of my favorite scenes from a movie. Do you remember the scene in Broadcast News when Albert Brooks finally gets on air and he sweats like a WWF wrestler? In the inane words of that Chris Farley character on SNL who used to interview movie stars, "That was awesome!"


  1. After a few insane days recently I was thinking that perhaps I could steal part of your blog name and start my own entitled: "Maybe I'm just CRAZY". Any other ideas from your fans??

  2. I love 11 Central Ave, too. And now there's a new web site with a comic strip

  3. Anonymous or should I call you Crazy Anonymous--Blog on, Speed Racer! Feel free to borrow Maybe I'm Just Crazy. Sane people are so boring.
    Lazy J

    Barry--Thanks for the comic strip site. I'll check it out.
    Lazy J