Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Somewhat Poetic Welcome

Welcome, readers, far and near
I love to see who found me here
My disease is worldwide--that's for sure
At least until we find a cure.
You hail from Canada, the States, and the UK
the Middle East, South America, and maybe Bombay
New Zealand and Hawaii are on the list
The cluster map I can't resist
I know you don't all have MS.
You could be anyone at all, I guess
Friend, neighbor, or my grandma
Who knows? Maybe an ex-in-law.
Is your name Neal, Regina or Steph?
Maybe it's Matthew, Andrew, or Jeff?
I bet there's a Liz, Peter, or Paul
A Dorothy, George, Edith or Saul
Whoever you are, why ever you've come
I've decided that I will not succumb
To the fear of what you think of me
I do believe I've found the key
Life is not a pass/fail test
It's take what you like and leave the rest.

Blog on.


  1. I'm admiring your poetic skill because....

    I can't rhyme a thing
    not even if i sing-

    it's too hard to think
    when you live in a sink-

    and this makes no sense
    but i have no tents

  2. Anonymous, you're funny.
    But not on the money.
    For are a sink dweller
    Your rhymes are quite stellar.
    :-) Lazy J