Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Promises, Promises

I know I've made PROMISES before but this time I really mean it. I'm going to write about a whole bunch of stuff I've been thinking about lately...but not now. I've been thinking about Mother's Day and My Public Apology to Mothers Who Came Before Me. I've been thinking about Voting Here and in Africa. I've been thinking about Varied Work Cultures and I've been thinking about Friends Who Forbid Me From Mentioning Them or Their Stuff in This Blog. I've also been thinking about Who Knows About the MS at Work and How Will I Get From the Train Station to My Office if I Go Blind.

I'm still settling into a routine with my new job which leaves me a bit exhausted at night. Plus, although I've PROMISED not to put any of the particulars in the blog, I have a few friends with some pretty intense things going on and, cause I'm an awesome friend, I've been a bit focused/distracted by supporting them with their stuff.

One good friend has a partner who is sick and hospitalized and awaiting serious surgery; another friend has a dying friend; another friend has juicy gossip that I like listening to and living vicariously through; and then there's all the drama in my head that I make up as I'm trying to figure out my new coworkers. My writer's imagination makes me such a cheap date! I don't need anything at all to entertain myself!


  1. The urinals photo cracked me up... and speaking of laughter, I can still hear Zane giggling on my shoulders. Thanks for getting together with us on Sunday.


  2. why the blog redecorating?

  3. The blog redecorating was a humungous error that I hope I've fixed. I am making the really bumpy transition from a PC back to a Mac and Safari was problematic for accessing my blog and trying to make edit. Camino to the rescue! Oooh. I sound so techy! :-)
    Thanks for reading.
    Lazy J