Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Random Wishes

Peaceful vibes and sympathetic hugs to Liz, Pete, and the family of Michael who passed away last week.

Heart healthy vibes to Tim and mentally and spiritually healthy vibes to Christina.
A dry night for Zane.

A second day of fun and happiness at April vacation camp for Ruby tomorrow.

Pleasant dreams for the children in my house and the whole world.

Wishes for the knowledge that they are loved exactly as they are to Ruby and Zane.

Many new buyers and sellers for Ken who has the challenge of being a realtor in the current housing market.

Some fine lovemaking for Ken and me.

The ability to let go of the fact that my house is a mess when Ken comes over in a half hour.

Lots of bonding with his mom for Matt.

The shifts she wants and the enthusiasm to learn new things at college for Ally.

Speedy homebuilder and contractors for Laura and Chuck.

Clear lungs for my Dad.

Forgiveness for my Mom.

Peace and patience for John and Anonymous who is VERY protective of him! :-)

And acceptance for everyone else I didn't mention and the absence of guilt for me for not mentioning every fricken person I know and love.


  1. Your ex is doing just fine, you are the one who needs the peace and patience wishes. I wish you would just let it go.

  2. I wish you peace as well, Anonymous. :-) Have a great day. May you receive all the gifts that you give out today!
    Lazy J

  3. Hey There,

    Thanks for linking to my blog. I'll put up a link to yours on mine as well.

    Warm Regards,