Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Morning Grief

I treated myself to a large iced coffee with extra skim milk and no sugar on the way to work this morning. I only took a couple sips because I wanted to prolong the pleasure during my morning at work. (After all, America runs on Dunkin.) I pulled into the parking lot at work, early and feeling psyched about my day. Then, while I was balancing bags and locking the KGB wagon, it happened. The cup slipped through my fingers.

Genocide is tragedy. War is horrific. Poverty is miserable. But, spilled iced coffee is very, very sad.


  1. ohhh julie i am sooo sorry. i feel your pain! i got my coffee pot all set this a.m with my favorite hazelnut in the filter basket, put the water in, pushed the button, the light went on...and nothing happened. as anne of green gables might have said, it was a catastrophe of dire proportions.

  2. I think you should have called 911- they'd understand. :)

    Hope the day was OK anyway!

    Love, DW