Wednesday, April 02, 2008

MS, Teeth, and Work

I recently learned that Dr.Teeth (not his real name) was honored by the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Massachusettes for his volunteer work in support of people with MS. This is the same neuro-opthamologist at Mass Eye and Ear who patted my hand, talked to Ken instead of to me, and told me I shouldn't read too much about MS because "all that information would be scary." I remember gritting my teeth (that were not quite as white as the doctor's) and telling him that I felt empowered, not frightened, by information. Apparently, he's either cleaned up his act since last Fall or curbed his infantalizing arrogance for the people at the MS Society.

My 3rd day at the new job was my best one yet. I feel like it's a good fi for my skills and my personality. And, I already have a nickname: Pencils. I LOVE IT! After I get into the groove a bit more, I look forward to returning to my former status as a prolific blogger about MS and life. Until then...

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