Monday, April 28, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The good: Ruby is starting to warm up to the Milton move. It helps that she's going to have her own room and it's already painted pink.

The bad: Mr. X wants me to switch the nights he picks up the kids this week and next week but won't switch with me so I can have Mother's Day with my children AND have two consecutive days out of 14 to be on my own.

The ugly: I just ate a package of blue marshmallow Peeps because I was pissed off after getting off the phone with Mr. X. And, I'm thinking about moving on to the purple package because I can hear the kids messing around in their room an hour after going to bed.


  1. What the hell kind of a parent wouldn't let his kids be with their Mom on Mothers' Day??? What a moron.
    Fathers' Day is not too far away and perhaps this will come back to bite him- big time. Kids aren't stupid and they can pretty much tell if their father is an idiot.

  2. Anonymous,
    Just to get the facts straight: Mr. X is willing to let me see the kids on Mother's Day. He just isn't willing to pick up another day to see them. He is a "you only buy underwear at K-Mart" kind of Rainman character. And, if May 11 is his day and it happens to be Mother's Day. Oh well. I will be with the kids on Mother's Day and I will have only 1 day off out of 14 for that week.
    Lazy J