Friday, April 04, 2008

A Falling Out of Love Story with a Very Happy Ending

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful woman who met a handsome man. They fell in love and moved in together. After almost ten years of cohabitating happily-ish, they decided they wanted to have a baby together. Well, sort of. The woman decided and the man agreed. They got married at the town hall one weekend and a year later they had a beautiful little girl.

They both loved the little girl very much...but each other less and less. The beautiful woman was less worried about the man thinking she was beautiful and wished she could be accepted and respected just the way she was. She also realized that a handsome husband is not always the best husband.

The man and the woman didn't fall out of love on purpose and they did all kinds of stuff to try to get the love back and be kind to each other. But it was very hard. Sometimes they were not kind and they argued a lot...sometimes they even fought in front of the little girl they loved so much. The woman felt very sad about this but she remembered how much love she used to feel for the man. Then she looked at the little girl and thought about how she was born out of that love. So, she kept trying.

The woman pushed all those yucky feelings down and decided that the little girl needed a brother or sister. The man agreed and they had another baby--a beautiful little boy who arrived in the world too soon and too small. The Universe decided the little boy needed to grow and get strong because the mommy and the daddy and the little girl needed him to. And he did. The mommy and the daddy and the little girl loved the little boy very much. And, like Clifford the Big Red Dog, that love made the little boy grow big. There was a lot of smiling at things that the little boy did and things that the little girl said, but the mommy and the daddy did not smile at each other much anymore. Their love got smaller and smaller.

And, then, when the little boy was starting to walk, the mommy decided that she wanted to smile more and live with big love and that it wasn't good for the little boy and the little girl to see a sad mommy and a mad daddy all the time. And even though it made her feel really, really bad, she told the daddy that she didn't want them to live together anymore. So they broke up, the daddy moved out, and he became a single man again.

The mommy was still a mommy, though. The little boy and the little girl lived with her and she cared for them full time and had a full-time job. Then, the mommy and the daddy decided to get a divorce and, because the mommy felt so guilty about being the one to say she felt too sad to live together, she agreed to sell her house and find a new place to live with the little boy and the little girl. So, then, she had her full-time job, her full-time kids, and she had to keep the house very clean every day so people would want to buy it. It was very hard to get out of the house every day without leave chaos behind. The mommy knew that the little girl and the little boy were just being children and children are messy. Somtimes the mommy did silly things like throw dirty dishes in the garbage before an open house.

But, the mommy never, ever wished that the daddy was still there.

And, then, although there was no fairy godmother or magic wand, the mommy and the kids got happier and happier every day. The man just got madder and sadder. He loved his children very much and was happy that they were happy but he did not want the mommy to be happy. He did whatever he could do to squash her happiness even if it made the little girl and the little boy unhappy. But it didn't work! The mommy kept loving her children, growing, and living happily. She even fell in love again, and learned that she didn't have to listen when the daddy yelled at her and blamed her for stuff.

The moral of the story: Too bad blogs couldn't block ex-husbands from reading!


  1. Hi, I saw your link on DS, you should really focus on yourself and your health, not your ex, you are just wasting precious energy. If you are so "happy" and so in love, then why are you so bitter towards your ex? If he reads your blog and doesn't seem to leave any comments, how angry, mean or mad could he be? It seems like you are the one holding resentment and anger. Who could blame him for reading your blog, it's kinda like a car accident or a trainwreck, you don't want to look, but you can't help it. Focus on the positive.

  2. Thanks very much, Anonymous, for your comment. Part of how I focus on myself and my health is to express myself through this blog. Sometimes it's insightful and useful. Sometimes it's whiney and bitchy. I am what I am, said Popeye the Sailor man. And, since you only know what I tell you, I completely understand and accept your misperception. I am no angel. I am not perfect. I am just a woman with MS trying to figure it all out. Thanks for reading and commenting.
    Lazy Julie