Friday, April 25, 2008

MS News

Every now and then I either happen upon or search for news of Multiple Sclerosis research and treatment. At the pharmacy recently, I picked up a free publication, opened it to a random page, and it was about positive results of an MS drug study. This study was good news for some MSers but not me since I don't take this particular drug. In fact, it mentioned my MS disease modifying drug by name--Rebif--and declared that this other drug, Copaxone, is better. It also talked about brain atrophy. WTF???!!!!

The funny part is, I can't seem to find the study online. Hmmm. I'm not saying the pharmaceutical companies are biased or capable of deception (he-hem, you may detect a note of sarcasm), but is it possible that the study was funded and published by the makers of Copaxone? Now don't get me wrong! I am grateful that the drug companies have created all these MS drugs and I am NOT someone who thinks they are JUST about the money. I know that there are researchers in labs who want to find new treatments and even a cure for MS. I just think, with the kind of money the drug business generates, there's always room for ethically-questionable alliances if not outright dishonesty and corruption.

But I digress.
Searching online today, I found a number of studies that are somewhat promising.

  • This one is specifically about Uhtoff's sign, which I have lots of problems with this particular symptom. They had a good description of what happens to my eyes when I get hot, tired, or have too much to look at (like in a store).
  • A new British clinical trial just started that hopes to find a way to regulate the wonky immune systems of people with MS.
  • I love the idea of an MS Vaccine which some researchers are exploring. I look forward to the day when MS becomes a disease like Polio that is rare and historic.
I need this kind of hope today. My fatigue is back big time and my right leg is achy and numb. It could just be adjusting to the new work schedule and going to bed too late all week. I'm without kids this weekend so rest is on the horizon.


  1. I will be getting up my post about this year's MS150 ride soon (maybe even tonight, heh heh, if I can stay upright!). Glad to hear about your new digs too!

  2. P.S. They gave all us riders a goody bag -- I passed the lil' Copaxone radio on to my son... Bottom line, I have VERY mixed feelings about their sponsorships -- sure, I love free gifts as much as anyone, but I'd rather do w/out their $4-5 radio & have them put that $$$ in the research fund!