Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Eve Day

It's Wednesday so I'm working at home. I'm taking a break waiting for sign off on something so I thought I would do a little blog writing.
Ken and I are making Thanksgiving dinner together tomorrow for Ruby, Zane, Matt, and Allie. I'm excited! He's going to start the turkey and I'm going to show up with the sweet potatoes and the pies. Peapod is delivering groceries tonight and I will start the sweet potatoes in the crock pot. Tomorrow morning, the kids and I will make an apple pie and a graham cracker crust frozen chocolate pudding banana cool whip pie that my grandmother always made for us when we were little. When we get to Ken's, he and I will make the garlic mashed potatoes, the squash, the stuffing, the green beans with almonds and the corn. Mmmmm. I'm getting hungry already and I'm really looking forward to hanging out with Ken, Matt, Allie, Ruby, and Zane all day.

My back is really hurting today. I think yesterday was too long of a day with work, my meeting, and then going to the mall to pick up my new glasses. Oh. I do not like my new glasses. I am bummed. I must have tried on at least 100 pairs (no exaggeration) before picking this pair of green Prada frames. And now I don't like them! It could be that my root touch up ended up making all my hair darker so I don't look the same as when I tried them on. I'm going to wear them for a week and see what I think then.

So, I drop the kids off at school and call Ken. I miss him. We haven't seen each other since dinner on Saturday night. I told him my back hurts. He asks, "Did you sleep wrong or is it the MS?" He cares, he loves me, but....I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm guessing all the pain is MS related since I never had it before.

I had a VERY WEIRD DREAM last night. My car was parked somewhere and I couldn't drive it so I needed to take the train. The Alewife station on the red line was really weird with a platform going through a very elegant, large, empty house. There were not of stairs and escalators that didn't work and I had to keep climbing and climbing and climbing. I saw Pierre Vallette (old WGBH/ARTHUR colleague) searing a poncho on the platform but then after he said "hi" he walked away or ran to catch a train or something. Then, I saw a woman brutally assault her son on a skywalk (she smashed his head against a wall) and one of her girlfriends said, "Watch it! They're going to take him away from you!" I yelled up, "They should take him away from you!" and then the woman and her friends started chasing me. I heard them say, "Let's get her on the platform!" I thought they were going to push me onto the train tracks or kill me or something but instead, they threw ice cubes at me. It was very frightening! Then, I took the train to work and realized I didn't have my laptop and that it was in my car which I didn't remember where I parked. I tried to log onto Webmail from a different computer and it didn't work and my coworkers were giving me a hard time about it. WHAT THE H%##!

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