Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Ok. I just finished editing an article for work and I went onto one of my MS web sites to see if I got a message from a friend who I didn't know had MS who recently reconnected with me through the site. (Phew. That was a run-on sentence, huh?) Anyway, "Fernando" is back. You know, the "LDN is the answer to all life's problems" guy? He bugs me and, to keep from responding to him on the bulletin board, I'm going to bi%$# about him behind his back on my blog. Here goes.

I think I should suggest that "Fernando" (not his real name) contact the UN to suggest LDN as a resolution to conflicts in the Middle East? Maybe LDN can cure AIDS, too?! Maybe anyone too stupid or broke to take LDN deserves their MS complaints? Maybe Fernando should eat sh&%! Ok. I'm done now. And don't forget: I am a pacifist. Imaginary force feeding of feces isn't a violent act, is it?

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