Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Amazing Race and Human Kindness

I'm watching The Amazing Race (which was delayed by fricken football) and checking email/MS Bulletin Boards before heading to bed. I found an incredible story I want to share:

I was on the phone with my friend last night she has Secondary Progressive MS. She read about a new Clinical Trial on using Rilutek (ALS Drug) by a Neuro in CO. She went to her Neuro here in Vegas and he said he would let her try it. She went to CVS Pharmacy and gave them her Medicare card the co-pay was $285.00 (her hubby was just laid off 5 weeks ago) She told the pharmacist to cancel it she did not have that much. The lady in line behind her said " I will pay" my friend said it's too much. The lady said we live in America no one should be without meds and paid for it. She then asked what her husband did for a living and my friend said he was laid off. The lady gave him a tel # for Limo company said her husband owned it and they were going to give him a job. Had to share. (Hugs) Mary Posted on 11/25/07, 02:11 pm

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