Friday, November 02, 2007

The good stuff today in no particular order:

  • Watching a hysterical sock puppet music video Sonja had on her blog.
  • Listening to Ruby and Zane giggling in the backseat on the way to the meeting tonight.
  • The meeting tonight.
  • Getting a totally unexpected present in the mail today from my friend Laura who bought me a handmade necklace in Brussels.
  • Talking to my cousin Karen on the phone and looking forward to seeing her, her family, and her new paintings when we go down to the Cape tomorrow.
  • Getting my hair cut and feeling like a million bucks when I walked out of the salon.
  • Making an appointment to get my car stereo installed on Wednesday (not another week with no music on my commute!)
  • Having the inspiration to put a battery-powered "boombox" on the passenger seat in my car tonight so I wouldn't have to be music-free until Wednesday.
  • Having time to rest and talk to my Higher Power/Inner Spirit during the MRI today.
  • I will probably get to finish Eat, Pray, Love tonight. Ooooh. Maybe that's a BAD thing because it will be over. :-(
  • Reading Ruby's Wish to my Ruby and her little brother before bed tonight.
  • Feeding my neighbor's very fat cats and realizing that her condo is NOT a million times better than mine.

The not-so-good stuff today:

  • Driving all the way to Chelsea (remote MGH facility) for YET another trip through the incredible spacious (NOT!) MRI tube.
  • Going to the gym to cancel my monthly-draft gym membership and having the not-so-hot bald guy ask me why I was cancelling and then berate me for "not being able to afford" a healthy lifestyle.
  • Letting the aforementioned gym guy get to me because I was already feeling guilty about not working out and then getting bitchy back with him so now I feel like I can't join QAC again in the future.
  • Realizing at 2pm that I hadn't eaten anything today.
  • Learning at the end of the day that even though I stayed up until 1am working on it last night (or maybe BECAUSE I stayed up until 1am working on it), I either made or did not catch YET ANOTHER MAILING LIST ERROR on a project I am managing at work. Uggh.
  • Getting a nasty email from John about Veteran's Day "coverage" for the kids.
  • Realizing at midnight that I never called Diane back today.