Monday, November 26, 2007

Blind Shopping

Over the weekend, I was doing a little Christmas shopping in the giftware section of Marshalls. There are MANY breakable things in these aisles which is why I use time away from the kids to peruse the vases, cups, candles, etc. When I entered that area of the store, I noticed a woman, probably in her 60s, walking with a white cane with a red stripe on the end, indicating that she was legally blind. She wore glasses, though, and was holding merchandise up close to her face, so I assumed she had some eyesight. I remember thinking, "Boy. I'm glad I am not totally blind." Almost immediately after having that thought, I knocked over a teapot. I didn't see it. It must have been in my peripheral vision. I have no idea how it happened. I just know I felt my arm hit something, heard a crash, and then found myself standing over shards of glass. The blind woman walked up and said, "Blame me. I'm legally blind. I do stuff like that all the time." I said, "Ya, well, I'm blind in one eye." She said, "Seriously, blame me." I smiled and said, "Ya, cause you have a cane." She laughed and answered, "Ya, people expect it of me and don't get mad." We smiled and parted ways. When the store clerk came over with a broom, I apologized and she glared at me while sweeping up the chunks of china. Maybe I should have blamed the blind woman. I mean...the REALLY blind woman.


  1. That's an awesome story. I couldn't help but laugh. (I don't remember the Joe Kennedy "dueling mic" thing, by the way. But I forget stuff all the time. Blame me! LOL)

  2. Julie I'm laughing so hard I'm crying now... life, life, life... Jill