Thursday, November 29, 2007

Headache Still Throbbing

It's day two and I still have a horrific headache. This sucks. I have taken every over-the-counter headache remedy known to man or woman every 4-6 hours, I ate healthy today, I worked from home so I could lay down and rest, and nothing has helped. I'm going to go meditate with a tape my friend Nancy gave me. I'm going to imagine it working. And, if it doesn't, I'm going to cry.

Libby, the ministerial intern from the UU church, is coming over to talk and bring me dinner. I used to bring people dinner who were sick when I went to the UU church in JP. I don't feel totally deserving of this kind of help. I don't have cancer. We made this date a couple weeks ago (just so you don't think I got a headache and called the church for help!). I want to feel better by the time she comes over. It hurts too much to smile right now and I really feel as if you should smile at a person who brings you food.

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  1. J-
    I know it sounds silly. try a cold wash cloth. Sometimes this helps me. Water, cold air (plenty of that in the Northeast), and complete darkness. I also have one of those microwaveable heating pads. (they smell good and they sell them in the mall) I put that in the freezer then put it over my face.

    As for Fernando.....find myself drifting from DS because of him. Hang in there and I hope the head resolves soon!
    Tmanz ( i fogot my google sign on)