Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Ok. Get this. Although I am having a pretty good day today (still crappy vision in the right eye but no bad headache, neck and back pain today), I have just learned that I am DISABLED. Or at least my MS meets the requirements of disability protection under the Family and Medical Leave Act. I'm not sure this is a club I want to belong to. And who knew I NEEDED protection? Hmmmm. My boss and I meet with HR to discuss my FMLA status and accommodations after the new year. Hmmm. Was full disclosure at work a wise choice? Or maybe this is a good thing?


  1. It really is a good thing and the rights you are being offered via the ADA were hard-won. But it does suck to be labeled.

  2. keep us posted on the walks. can't do the walk but i can pledge.
    thanks for the links for shopping to support ms causes. dana's jewelry is beautiful! bonnie