Friday, November 09, 2007

Emailing Mardene (rhymes with sardine)

Mardine is my sister-in-law. My older brother John, after NUMEROUS failed engagements, married this lovely and vivacious woman who is a flame eating, unicycle riding, juggler with big boobs and a tiny waist last year (or was it the year before?). Anyway, after living in Hawaii for a few years, John and Mardene bought a house in Lake Tahoe but then decided to travel the country in an RV. We saw them when they came East in the summer BMSD (Before MS Diagnosis).

Mardene and I share our status as clean and sober women and we email each other. Here's our exchange about my MS...naturally, it's in the annoying reverse chronological order.

Julie,Hi there. I am sooo soryy for not getting back to you any sooner. I have not checked my messages in a couple of weeks. It seems to take sooo long with the lap top in the RV. We are almost home, back to CA, hopefully by next Wednesday. I am over being in the RV. We have done soooo well together. I am actually quite surprised. I suppose it's cause we really do love and even really and trly like each other.As for you, my dear Julie. I am soooo sorry that you are going through all of this. You really did explain things to me perfectly so now I understand better. Thank you for that. I wish I could help. I believe that prayers are always good. That will continue, from my heart to yours. I will let John know what is going on with you. After I get home I will keep in touch better. I am glad you are staying positive. Dancing is always good for the soul. I will keep you in my daily prayers. Stay in touch. Be good to you. Say prayers for safe travels.MAY GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU,Mardene!!!>

Mardene,> Thanks for the prayers.> Hmmm. MS is very hard to describe. I don't totally get it myself. >It's all new to me. I was disagnosed after losing the vision in my right >eye and then starting to lose some in my left.> It is a disease of my brain and central nervous system so it can affect >literally anything (sight, mood, motor function, memory, reasoning, speech, >hearing, etc.) So far, I have lost probably 50% of the vision in my right >eye, more when I'm tired); I have electric shock feelings up and down my >spine and in my wrists, shins and ankles (also worse when I'm tired) and, >as of a few days ago, I have numbness and cramping from my right hip down >to my toes. The fatigue and the body temperature on on and off too. I am >VERY affected by heat and have what I imagine hot flashes feel like. I can >also feel like I need a nap shortly after I wake up in the morning.> I have to talk to my neurologist this week about the new symptoms to see >if I have to go back into the hospital for steroid infusions (outpatient, >thank God). I take a subcutaneous injection of a disease modifying drug 3X >a week, try to get extra rest, try to ask for more help, etc. so I guess >the answer is YES, it definitely affects my everday life. I used to keep a >lot of stuff in my head and I find that things slip through the cracks when >I do that now. Especially at work. I am having to learn new ways to >organize, etc. to make up for what could be MS or what could be just >getting old and/or stress.> I try to stay positive but I don't feel totally like myself. I went to >an AA anniversary dance last night and it was awesome. I danced and danced >and felt like me. Until I got overheated and had to sit down. But the >positive is that I danced and it felt good and I have to find more things >that feel good. Sex is always a good one and when we don't have child care >dilemmas, Ken is always happy to oblige.) I am trying to get power walking >again, but it's hard when the energy level is so low after work.> Long answer. :-) But you did ask.> Keep> Hugs to my brother.> Julie>>

Mardene Baker wrote:>>Good Morning Julie,>>We have left Tony's. It was nice to stay there. He lives right on the>Canal in Cocoa Beach. He likes to smoke pot a lot though. I can only take>so much of that. He is a lawyer and he was gone most of everyday. I>enjoyed the house when he was at work. We went to a couple of meetings>while we were there. Now we are at Ft. Myers Beach. It is lovely here. I>have never been here. Just until tomorrow. We wanted to be at the Beach>with our RV.>>So, your friend wants to rock out in a RV? It certainly is a way of life.>The first one, the one we rented, those people had three kids and traveled>and lived in there 36 foot RV. WOW!!! That takes a lot of patience.>Please, do give her my address. Please tell her to put the topic of RV so I>open it.>>How are you feeling? I must ask Julie and I hope you don't mind. Do you>feel bad on a daily basis? I have never know anyone, personally, who has>MS. I would like to know what you feel. Has it affected your body and will>it and what is this process? I only read your blog once in a while, that is>why I am asking you to write to ME and explain so that I understand what >you>are going through. You are my Sister In Law. I pray for You... everyday.>You are the J in my A to Z in my morning prayers. Let me know how you are.>I don't get on line everyday. But, Just For Today.... I could. Have a>great Sunday. Be good to you.>>PEACE, LOVE AND BLESSINGS,>Mardene!!!>> >

From: JM Baker> >To: Mardene Baker> >I love Paella! I actually ate it in Madrid, Spain once.> >> > I have a friend who is thinking about taking her husband and two kids on> >the road for a year in a big RV like yours. Can I give her your email> >address? Her name is Liz and she is also a friend of Bill W's.> >> >> >

Mardene Baker wrote:> >> >Hi Julie,> >> >I am glad to hear back from you. We are in Cocoa Beach, FL. We staying> >with John's friend, Tony Hernandez. He said he never did meet you. He is> >cooking dinner tonight. It's called Paellea. It's a Spanish dish. We are> >getting the RV worked on. It should be ready by Friday and then we will> >head out west, back to where we actually live. We are doing well. I hope> >we can keep on chatting like this. Be good to you.> >> >PEACE, LOVE AND BLESSINGS,> >Mardene!!!> >> > >

From: JM Baker> > >To: Mardene Baker> > Thanks, Mardene. Where are you guys?> > >> > >
Mardene Baker wrote:> > >HI Julie,> > >I finally could get on line and check out your Blog. I love the Volvo. >It> > >looks like you are doing well. I am soooo glad that you got the car you> > >wanted. I h ope your body is strong and not bothering you. You keep up> >the> > >good positive blogging. Be good to you.> > >PEACE, LOVE AND BLESSINGS,> > >Mardene!!!

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