Friday, February 29, 2008

Foot Pad Scam and Searching for Lola

Remember my idea to get the Konoki foot pads to cure my MS and whatever else is ailing me on a particular day? According to Dr. Z's blog, it's a scam. Oh well. I guess I'll have to keep giving myself the shots.
It is now February 29--Leap day. If it was last year or next year, today would be March 1 and the March issue of Lola Boston (with my article in it, by the way) would be at every single one of the HUNDREDS of distribution sites listed on the Lola web site. But, NOOOOOOOOO. The bad news just keeps coming. Lola is late and Kinoki foot pads are bunk. Bummer.

Since Christina called me Wednesday morning to tell me she had Lola in her hand, I've scrapped three separate missions to find the lovely Lola, the last one that included the kids and I driving from Weymouth to Quincy to Dorchester to Back Bay to Kenmore to BU to Longwood to JP to Roxbury to Mattapan to Milton,to Quincy and back to Weymouth. We had fun, though. The kids ate pizza and drank chocolate milk in the car and we sang along with the radio. Zane brought his Rescue Hero walky talky and his compass in case we got lost on our mission. He kept telling me to go Northwest. Ruby wrote down the names and addresses of Lola distribution sites as Ken read them to me over the phone. In some cases, she left out critical info like the name of the place or she had trouble deciphering which street number went with which street since she wrote in a circle on the back of one of Zane's pieces of artwork. We found MANY of the Boston Globe newspaper boxes with the Lola plastic container on the side, but they were either empty or had February issues inside.

This latest mission ended at 8pm tonight with me carrying a sleeping Zane into the house and trying not to pee my pants on the way inside since I had been holding it for about an hour. Tomorrow is another day, Lola, and I will not sleep until I find you!


  1. I work at Northeastern University, and the March issue was there yesterday (I picked mine up in the foyer of Nightingale Hall on Forsyth Street). That's how I found your blarrrgh.

  2. I just shopped at Glory Daze in east Milton Square and I picked up Lola. I read your article. It was awesome to read. Not because of teh sad part but because I have MS and we all go through the same bullshit with the diagnosis, and then we chose not to let the MS get us down. I grew up in Quincy, so I felt connected to you. I also am part of YWMSB, Young Women in Boston with MS (a Yahoo group). I would love to chat with you sometime. Keep up the great writing. I think you are awesome! nancy