Saturday, February 02, 2008

Pink Eye for Real

Zane woke up this morning with his eyelashes glued together by conjunctivitus gunk. It required a warm washcloth to unglue them. Yuck. When I told Ruby that Zane had pink eye, she asked if it was going to end of being MS. :-( She remembers that I thought I had pink eye when I started to lose my vision before I was diagnosed.

I assured her that I only THOUGHT I had pink eye and that Zane ACTUALLY has pink eye and has the gunk to prove it. I told her that Zane absolutely positively did not have MS and that he would get eye drops from the pediatrician and his pink eye would go away.

I meant everything that I said. What I didn't say was that also felt pissed that I did not have pink eye. I can't get eye drops to take my MS away.

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