Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Matinee

Ruby woke up in the middle of the night wheezing, coughing, and feverish. I gave her ibuprofen and brought her into bed with me. (Good thing I went to bed at 11:00, huh?) Zane did not have a fever but he did wake up this morning with a bad cough, too.

So, home we stayed. We didn't go to church or my meeting, we didn't go to the birthday party we were supposed to go to, and we didn't go out to play. We didn't do anything but lay around and watch movies, PBS Kids, and Home and Garden shows on Demand. Eventually, we ran out of food and medicine so we took a brief sojourn to Shaws where I read every label and mourned the fact that Sorbet has way too much sugar. Instead, I found some organic frozen fruit bars that I've eaten three of since the kids went to bed.

By bedtime, Ruby's wheezing was back so I put the humidifier in her room with Vicks inside. I gave them both ibuprofen before bed and sent my boss an email heads-up...just in case Ruby and/or Zane are home sick tomorrow. Please GOD AND EVERYTHING THAT IS GOOD IN THE WORLD, let them BOTH not be home sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can do one sick kid and working from home, but I'm pretty sure I can't do two. They will argue, they will be bored, they will whine, they will watch a lot of TV and fight over which shows they will be, and I will feel very, very trapped having the no grown up in the house with me for a second consecutive day.

No....let me reframe and refocus on the positive. We will have an opportunity to hang out together, like we did today, read lots of books, finish our Valentines, do some laundry, eat a hot lunch, and take care of the two little sickies. I will be fine, no matter what. I am, however, picking out my clothes and packing lunches in the hopes that we don't have to find out.

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