Monday, February 04, 2008

Post Super Bowl Apathy

The Patriots lost the Super Bowl yesterday. I knew they were in it. I knew they were playing the Giants but that's about it. A friend at my meeting asked if I was going to be watching the game with the kids. I told him I didn't even know what time the game started which should provide the answer he was looking for. He said that if I didn't let Zane in particular, watch this historical game (Patriots went into it with a perfect record), he would call DSS.

I do not miss that level of sports fanaticism. My ex used to get depressed when the Yankees lost a game. Seriously, couldn't get off the couch or crack a smile depressed. It's not like he played for the team or even gambled on the games. He yelled at the television and took it personally when the players did not follow his expert advice.

The 10pm drama I was watching while writing last night was interrupted by a newsbreaking announcement. I expected it was going to be election related or maybe some world leader was assasinated. Nope. "The Patriots lost the Super Bowl," said the newscaster. If people watching the show cared about the Super Bowl, wouldn't they would be watching it? I laughed as the low-level reporter stationed in Kenmore Square had the cameraman pan the empty streets. Poor guy. He was hoping some drunk fans would celebrate the big win by lighting cars on fire and tipping them over starting a riot. Then, he would have been able to file a national story that would air on the network. Maybe it would have been his big break. But instead he got one minute for a stand up on an empty street. Aww.

There was almost no traffic on the way to work this morning. I think people stayed up late to drown their sorrows. Or maybe, like my ex, they were glued to the couch with post-game depression.

There was one local win, though. I met my deadline with Lola Boston and, even though the title that I didn't write is kind of embarassing, my True Story article is going to be in the March issue. Eat your heart out Tom Brady!

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