Monday, February 25, 2008


I am officially sick. The GP on call at my primary's office thinks that the MS disease modifying meds have weakened my immune system and my cold is now a sinus infection.

I feel like crap. No, I feel like the fuzzy stuff stuck to the crap on the bottom of your shoe when you've been walking around on it all day. I have a headache, a face ache, my ears are throbbing, and my throat hurts. I have antibiotics, tea, juice, Afrin nasal spray, tylenol, and alcohol-free cough syrup. I feel incredibly whiney and there's no one to whine to. I think I'm going to invent a service for people who want to whine. You pay $1 a minute to whine to someone on the phone and the person on the other end will agree with everything you say, make comforting responses like "Awww" and "Mmmm," and insist that you deserve all the sympathy in the world. Why is it that run-of-the-mill illness is a self-pity magnet for me even though my response to MS is to buck up and write a book about it?

The kids are at school for another 2 hours max and I have no idea how I'm going to pull it all together to make dinner, give baths, read books, supervise homework, and, most importantly, be nice and motherly. Good motherly, that is. I guess I'll just watch another episode of the OC on SoapNet, doze, and then dig deep and find my inner Claire Huxtable at pick-up time.


  1. Sorry babe -- maybe it will tweak your funny bone to know when I was trying to list your blog in my "Favorites", I 1st typed "Lay Julie" -- hey, I'm a DOCTOR not an effing TYPIST!!!
    I'll all on board for the whine-a-minute service too...
    [I'll try not to offend w/my black & quirky sense o' humor either]

  2. i could so get into that whine service! press 1 to whine about cleaning up pet yack, 2 for illness, 3 for significant other, 4 for ilness ... :}