Friday, February 15, 2008

Trade You a Title for Some Good-n-Plenty?

I have no title for this blog entry. I have no words that I NEED to say. I have no energy. But I havent written in a few days and I have no sleepiness so what the hell.

I am on Day 2 without sugar (again!) and the half a cannister of raisins I ate while watching House didn't take away the cravings. The house is a pigsty and it didn't pick itself up while I lounged. Getting up feels too hard, though. Plus, it would bring me closer to the leftover brownies and conversation hearts in the kitchen.

The kids go with John in the morning and then Ken and I install carpet. Did I mention I single-handedly ripped the carpet out of my living room/dining area, demonstrating that the freakish strength I had before my MS diagnosis/exacerbation has returned? Well, the concrete floor is not only unsightly, apparently it's also evidence of bad parenting. Ken told me he would install the carpet because he didn't want the kids playing on concrete. I thought he was overreacting until Ruby tripped and fell yesterday and skinned her elbow on the living room floor.

My Bald Hot Realtor Boyfriend also got two different calls about my overpriced condo today. He's going to show it on Sunday so we thought flooring might be a good idea. I can't imagine that anyone will buy it for the price of what I owe the mortgage companies but Ken seems to think a short sale is possible. I'm prepared for the worst but hoping for the best.

In the meantime, I looked at a rental house in Weymouth today that's available in June. I liked the house and the location a lot (it's walking distance to the library and park), but I want to look at a couple others before making a commitment. The owner is moving to Ireland so I have some concerns about how much I will have to do on my own--shoveling, lawn mowing, house maintainance, etc. It might be like owning a home again without the tax write-off. Is that a good thing?

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