Saturday, March 01, 2008

Lola and Reiki

I had a Reiki appointment with Nancy today. It was awesome. I need to work on being grounded. (Big shocker, huh?) During the session, I asked my higher power to help me forgive all those that were the focus of my anger and resentment. Good thing, too. One of those targets (who shall remain nameless) called me after the session and did his best to get me going. Thanks to Reiki, it did not penetrate my shield of serenity. Ohmmmm.

I picked up one...ok, two...ok SEVEN copies of Lola today. The copy was cut down from the last version I saw but it was still wonderful to see/read my words in print. The editor did a great job but I miss some of my favorite phrases. I may post the submitted article in its entirety here so I can get them back. Writers are such primadonnas with fragile egos, aren't we?

Ken and I went out for a nice dinner and I'm stopping home before I go pack my bag to sleep over his house.

Tomorrow I want to write about WTF Is Up With All The Size Os I saw at TJ Maxx Today? and My Last First Date. Just wanted to wet the appetite of regular visitors.


  1. Hey Julie,

    Please do publish it here... it's a long way for me to come from the UK to Boston... not that I don't think it would be worth the effort... I just don't have the spare dosh!