Thursday, January 03, 2008

MS Bloggers Unite!

I love that I am not the only one writing about my journey with MS. By posting my blog address to various MS online support groups, I've connected with several other women who are coping/venting/healing/seeking acceptance via writing. It's funny. We share this common disease, but we are incredibly different. And, there is room for all of us!

On one blog (I'm not sure if it's public so I'm not listing the address here), I found this poem. It really spoke to me on this icy cold January day so I thought I would share it here.

Clear Eyes

To see the world with clear eyes,
To sense the night with all thoughts, all heart, wide open,
To be in one moment aware of all that surrounds.

As you walk the day draws to night.
A soft golden red glow fills the sky,burns the earth of all impurity.
Night draws you, breathless, into open arms and you willingly fall to its lure.
The path stretches ever on.

No turns to draw you away.
No cover to resist your sky hungry eyes.
Path need not be flat and borders need not be sure,
your feet carry you restlessly on.

The trees pull gracefully back revealing leaf strewn grass.
Lights burn bright and steady in the distance.
Released into the wild your heart soars and your mind is free to wander.
Feet carry you on.

This never ending road.
This journey.This eternal path.

Lydia Rodbourne
December 2007

Also worth mentioning, I am on day 3 with no sugar, I went to yoga class last night, and I feel great. I am successfully "changing the things I can" today. "Accepting the things I cannot change" isn't quite there yet, but the day isn't over.

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  1. Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for posting my poem. I was so surprised when my Mum (Sirenity) sent me a link to it. She also said that you've got a deal to publish your book. Congratulations! I really hope it goes well for you!