Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm Carrie Bradshaw with Payless Shoes!!!!!!!

If I could be any fictional character on television, it would be Carrie Bradshaw, professional relationship/sex columnist for a NYC newspaper and amateur fashionista on Sex and the City. I wouldn't necessarily want to look like Sarah Jessica Parker (physically, we could not be more different and still both be female humans) but I do want her wardrobe. She wears shoes (Manolo Blahniks) that cost enough to feed a small village, or at least my kids for a month. Seriously. I just looked up a pair of strappy sandals from their Spring Collection and they are $665.

Aside from the whole, hip, happening, New York City-style, I envy Carrie because she is a published, paid writer with a weekly gig. She smokes guilt-free (I quit 10 years ago) and her photo is on the side of a God Damn New York City Bus! She dates a man named Big who treats her like crap but eventually she gets the guy...in Paris of all places. She has no children which I would never ever want to give up. But, I do think I would trade places with her for a week...or two.

But I digress. On to my big news. Are you sitting down? Have you already emptied your bladder?!!!

I sent a link to my blog to the editor of Lola Boston, a new monthly magazine published and distributed by The Boston Globe. Yesterday, I received an email from the editor saying that she loved my humor and wants me to write an article about my MS diagnosis and me for the March issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She likes how funny and irreverent I write and wants it basically to be a long blog entry describing who I was before diagnosis, what the diagnosis was like, how it's changed me, etc. It's for the True Story section which features stories of women facing various challenges in life. It's definitely NOT Ladies Home Journal "inspirational, rising-above it all" sappy crap. (Not that I would say NO to Ladies home Journal if they asked me to write some sappy crap for them.)The editor said she wants something authentic and gritty. I'm authentic and gritty!

So pinch me I'm dreaming. I love to write about me, my experiences, my feelings, my opinions, my crazy thoughts, etc. and now someone is going to pay me to write about what I'm writing about anyway and it's going to be read by thousands of people.

I love, love, love my MS today. I once thought I had to wait until I could write really well to write actual stuff. That is so not true! I just had to get diagnosed with an incurable, progressive, unpredictable neurological disease that would compel me to write every day. Writers write. I am a writer.


  1. Hey Julie, that's pretty cool. You go girl!

    (I'm curious so how much does such an article go nowadays. You can email me with the answer if you wish.)

  2. You're awesome! Congrats!!!


  3. way to go julie! YAY!! Congrats! let us know when to watch for your article.

  4. Congrats Julie. Very inspirational!

  5. Yey Go Julie!!!

    In the words of the wise woman...

    Shit happens, it's how you deal with it that makes the difference!

    Now I'm going to go and tell my daughter, who's poem you kindly posted here, to go email some publishers!!! No excuses, no feeling nervous.

    Congratulations and thanks for being a brill role model!