Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Last Weekend In Vegas

I spent a kidless weekend in Vegas...sort of.

A couple months ago, I was invited by a vendor to attend a product show in Vegas. I immediately emailed my ex-husband to find out if he could care for the kids. Because it was a work trip and he has an overdeveloped sense of commitment to anything to do with work, he agreed. My boyfriend Ken's daughter was home from college to watch his son which meant that he could come to Vegas with me.

I should note that I do not love Vegas. It's just not my cup-of-tea with all the tackiness, quickie weddings, smoke, and buffets. Nevertheless, I have been to Vegas two times for work conferences and managed to find some fun. It's still a free plane ride, a free hotel, and a weekend with no kids, so I was excited. Unfortunately, this trip was cancelled.

The things is, I kind of forgot to tell my ex that he didn't need to take the kids for a long weekend. Whoops!

So, Ken and I started to make plans for a local weekend away. We bandied about a number of destinations: Skiing up North somewhere, Nantucket, Newport, the Cape, etc. At first, Ken wanted to plan the weekend around an activity. I nipped that in the bud pretty quickly, insisting that I needed to take it easy and enjoy a weekend with lots of rest, lots of good food, and lots and LOTS of great sex. I didn't get any arguments. Ken and I never, ever get weekends like this. Usually, when my kids are away for the night with their dad (one night out of 14), I spend the night at Ken's house, with his kids home in their beds. And, when Ken's son is with his mom (rarely and always on a weeknight), he spends the night at my house where we have to lock the door, sleep in jammies, and get up for work/school in the morning.

So, back to my Vegas weekend. Ken and I brainstormed ideas and even searched hotels. But, then, the financial sh*& hit the fan (see Financial Awakening) and I realized that I needed to: a. deal with my finances like a grown-up; b. To that end, get my condo ready for sale; and c. not spend money unnecessarily on things like weekends away. At Ken's suggestion (I LOVE this guy!), we decided to spend a weekend away at my condo.

We had a fabulous time. Ken's kids thought he was in Newport, John and the kids thought I was in Vegas, and we had an empty condo from Thursday night through Sunday night to hide out and be together. We painted the living room and bathroom,; straightened up, weeded out furniture and clutter; ate lots of great food (we risked John seeing us and went to the South End for dinner one night); I had a credit counseling session on the phone where I set up an action plan; and we had a LOT of superb sex. I mean superb, get to sleep naked and not worry about waking up at a particular hour of the morning, who cares what time it is, sex. Sex that uses up all my spoons and I don't care 'cause I can sleep for another 3 hours sex. The weekend brought us even closer together and I got my condo ready for the MLS.

Vegas is awesome.

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