Thursday, January 10, 2008

A More Positive Perspective

Although the stress of my day has continued, my attitude has shifted...thank God. I really have a hard time hanging out with pessimistic, whiny people even if one of them is me.

Media outlets have to give equal time to all candidates in all parties so I guess this blog should follow suit. I will now give equal time to my Pollyanna-like willingness to find the silver lining in the dark cloud, make lemonade from lemons, and turn poop into compost.

Here's Lazy Julie's List of Good Stuff in My Day:

  • I have a disease that lets me know when I need to take care of myself. Although I'm 43, I've never really figured out how to do the whole self care thing. Now, I have lots of incentive to learn. When I take care of myself, I feel good. When, I don't take care of myself, I feel bad. Kind of a no brainer.
  • I met a fellow creative non-fiction author today! I'm working with a new agency on the creative and copy for a direct mail project at work. In an email from my account exec, she mentioned that the copywriter on my project had written a book called Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid! I responded via email that I loved the title and that I was writing a book, too. The account exec then told me that the copywriter/author wanted to talk with me about our book projects. So, Author Gina (not to be confused with Nurse Gina) and I started emailing which did wonders for my stress and negativity. I'm learning so much about the process of publishing, promoting, and selling a book which is inspiring me. Author Gina's book is (I believe, since I only read an excerpt online) is also creative nonfiction, taking a humorous but truthful perspective on parenting children with special needs. Author Gina wrote the book with her sister. To learn more, visit the Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid Website.

And now, because I'm learning self care and its after 11pm, I am signing off. The list would have been long, I promise. More positivity tomorrow.

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  1. So when are you submitting your first article to MotherWords?