Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Working from Home

I am very fortunate. I have a job that allows me to work at home two days a week. Today, I'm searching for photos and researching an article--two things I really enjoy doing. You're waiting for the "but"...right? No but. My job is the "j" on my gratitude list for today. I NEED a gratitude list today because I'm not feeling at all grateful. Is gratitude intuitive to anyone? I definitely need to work at it. Here goes:

A - AA and AWOL

B - Boston (because I live in a medically advanced metropolitan area) and Bonnie and Mackenzie are coming to Gingerbread Women in Pants!

C - Christina, my sister from a different mother and Cousin Karen who emerged from the ether again last year when Grampy died and is now in my life again. Oh--and Craigslist because I love "shopping" for Free Stuff.

D - Dad, he is in my life and I'm going to see him at Christmas, Diane, my librarian/photographer/knitting friend, and my Daily Strength MS community.

E - Eyes. I can see enough to drive and read and recognize my loved ones.

F - Family (my own) and the larger Human one.

G - Gina (my favorite nurse), Grammy, and Grampy in heaven.

H - Higher Power - Glad I have one of my very own that I get to define, redefine, etc.

I - Iced Coffee

J - Job (my very good one), John (my brother), and John (my ex--who gave me 2 wonderful children)

K - Ken, my BF, Karen Teacup (a wonderful example of motherhood), and Kristina with a K who is pregnant with her first baby

L - Laurie, my birth sister, Laura, my oldest friend, and Liz my spiritual sister.

M - Motherhood. That I get to do it. Macaroni and cheese because it's so easy to make for the kids.

N - Nancy, who teaches yoga to Ruby and me.

O - Olive Oil and garlic on pasta and Oprah.

P - Paula (Auntie Paula/Zane's godmother) and my uncle Paul who is the kindest relative in my family

Q - Quilts that my grammy made me and the quilting skills my grammy tried to teach Ruby and me.

R - Ruby, my rubiliscious daughter, and Rebif (my medication that's supposed to slow the progression of MS)

S - Sense of Smell. I would miss smelling flowers and good tasting food.

T - Tom (my brother), Theresa, and time because This Too Shall Pass.

U - Urine/Bladder control. I have it.

V - Vacation time because I have benefits at work.

W - Woman--being one. I can't imagine being a man.

X - X-rays. I have health insurance so my MRIs (which are kind of like X-rays) don't cost me anything beyond my insurance premiums.

Y -Yoga. I don't do it often enough but I know it is and will help me with mind, body, and spirit. And Ruby is going every Friday and loves it.

Z - Zane, my lovable and very boyish little boy, and Zita, my sister-in-law.

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  1. I love your list. Your strength continues to inspire me.