Sunday, December 23, 2007

2 wake ups until Christmas!

Ruby, Zane, and I watched Elmo's Christmas Countdown on regular TV tonight and ate microwave popcorn. We loved all the guest performers and the songs. We talked about how unfair it is to have toy commercials on TV to any thoughts in their heads that they are getting Tickle Me Elmo or any of the other stuff they saw in the commercials.)

They are so sheltered at my house with mostly watching PBS Kids and Noggin. I wish I could shield them from the evils of advertising forever, but that's not possible...or probably even a good thing. Advertising is part of our world. I work in marketing, for cryin' out loud which means I am dependent upon that fact. I even BUY advertising (although I can feel somewhat morally superior since we are "selling" a helpful service and not trendy, plastic toys that may have been built by children who are working for less than a living wage in another country.)

They are blessed, my children. And I am blessed to have them here with me, safe and warm in their beds, perhaps with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads. Ruby's head is no doubt warm since she fell asleep in her Santa hat again. Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

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