Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Walking Eye Thing Has a Name!

Dr. Pless called me back and, apparently, the trouble I am having with walking and seeing at the same time has a name! I can't remember what the name is but it happens to 10% of people with Optic Neuritis, which is what my presenting symptom was that led me to my MS Diagnosis. It's something sign, I think. He said if whatever this thing is doesn't clear up and if I'm still fatigued and have achy arms on Monday, I should call him to discuss possible IV steroids again. I should call sooner if it gets worse. It seems that IV steroids is the only possible treatment which kind of sucks. I told Dr. Pless that I wasn't sure if I haven't come out of my first relapse, if this is just the "new normal," or if I am having a second relapse. He said, "Those are all very intelligent questions that neurologists would love to have answers to....but we don't." Great. I'm smart but still in the dark. Maybe I should go to acupuncture or Reiki this week.

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