Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sunday Night Serenity

I'm watching The Amazing Race, my favorite reality show, writing in my blog/book, looking at our Christmas tree, and sucking on a candy cane. Life is good.

The kids went with John this weekend so I had some nice me and grownup time. Yesterday, Saturday, I stayed in bed LITERALLY ALL DAY. I was the laziest Julie imaginable! I was sleeping and banking energy for last night because I knew I was going out to a party with dancing. It worked! I had enough energy to dance my butt off (which I hadn't done in a long time) and to spend some much-need horizontal boogie time with Ken. Hehehehe. I have noticed, however, that the heat sensitivity is really strong when I do sweaty things like dancing. (I'm told it's the MS.) My higher internal thermostat worked in my favor later, though, since Ken's 2nd floor heat was on the fritz and his room was a cozy 60 degrees.

Seriously, though. I got what I needed socially, emotionally, and physically this weekend so, when the kids returned at 5pm today, I had the Christmas tree up and ready to decorate. It was fun, going through the old ornaments, particularly the ones that the kids made. After the tree was trimmed, we had a lovely dinner of leftover pasta, took baths, read books, and went to bed. Ruby requested some special Mommy and Ruby time cleaning up the Christmas stuff (swear to God!) and, by the time we were done, Zane was sound asleep in his Santa hat. I'm telling you, life is good.

And, all my friends have inspired me to come up with some additional, seasonal, names for MS:

Mistletoe Smooch
Merry Season
Many Scents
Mulled Spices
Multiple Sparkles
Mister Santa


  1. Much shopping
    Melting snow

  2. My Santa
    Misty Notions
    Multiple secrets
    Mistletoe Scents
    Minty sweets

  3. Macaroni Sleeves
    Morbid Soul
    Magazine Saver
    Mashed Squash
    Mile Street
    Magnolia Scent
    Madagasgar Silver

    Some of these are starting to sound familiar.

  4. Hey, this was the Holiday MS list!!

    Mrs. Santa
    Mission serenity
    Mystical silver
    Mary saintly