Monday, December 03, 2007

Cognition Conversation on MS Site


LazyJulie: I just got lost on my way to the mailroom at work. I've worked here for 2 years and the mailroom hasn't moved. I almost gave up in a panic and returned to my desk. Finally, I just asked someone, feeling like an idiot. I'm not sure if it's my eyesight (optic neuritis has left me almost blind in right eye), sense of direction, diminished cognitive functioning, or something else. I hate asking myself "Is this MS?" questions all the time. Thanks for letting me share. Posted on 12/03/07, 12:12 pm
Reply #1 - 12/03/07 1:39pm
Hi Julie, Im sorry this happened to you, it can be very upsetting. This can certainly be the MS, it happens to me alot. You might want to read a book called The Cognitive Challenges of MS. I found it very enlightening. Good Luck.
Reply #2 - 12/03/07 2:11pm
This is definitely MS...I have the same problems everyday....everyday...have to get something out of the fridge and open it and sit there trying to remember why I opened it in the first place...what helps me are memory games on the computer to at least keep me "sane" and forcing myself to remember no matter how long it takes me to remember...good luck.
Reply #3 - 12/03/07 2:22pm
I would also have 2 say it's probably the MS. One day I got in my jeep to go to work and couldn't remember for the life of me how to operate it. Really freaked me out!
Reply #4 - 12/03/07 3:04pm
Yes, it is ms. I think this is the most scary part for me. You need some rest. Tell your doctor also.
Reply #5 - 12/03/07 4:53pm
Julie...this morning I couldn't remember, for the life of me, how my damn bra worked! I needed to adjust the straps, and I kept making them bigger..over and over, not tighter like I needed. I swear I did it 10 times! So frustrating. Last month I got lost driving to my Mom's house. I've lived in my home for at least 9 years, my Mom in her house, the home I grew up in, for at least 30. I completely freaked out. I was so scared that I was losing my mind. I finally turned around and started over. I'm laughing about it now. I could tell you 100 more stories, but I don't want you to lose respect for me...LOL
Reply #6 - 12/03/07 5:02pm
The phisycal aspect is one thing but when my mind goes blank and I cant pull a thought together or cant remember something i know that I know, it is scary for me. I just have to slow down sometimes and give my self a chance to think. just takes me longer sometimes now and very hard to get use to. I have to say it does make for some funny storie at times....
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Reply #8 - 12/03/07 5:27pm
Hey, I've done stuff like that before! I thought I was just crazy! ha,ha,ha!
Reply #9 - 12/03/07 5:31pm
Ooops! Forgot what else I was going to say. I get lost in the grocery store and in Wal-Mart all the time. I just forget where things are! Isn't that stupid! I mean, I've been in there a bunch of times and suddenly I can't remember where stuff is at! As long as I don't forget where the door going out is, I think I'll be okay.
Reply #10 - 12/03/07 6:18pm
it's the m.s.. at times it's alot worse then others. i hope your getting the rest you need
Reply #11 - 12/03/07 6:27pm
Darling, I get lost all the time! I've learned to stick to paths where I can still see my long driveway on the farm. When I shop, I talk to myself to remind myself what I need next. I am a queen of the shopping list as town is far away, and I try to grocery and WalMart in the same trip. I only shop in the mornings, and I've made friends in all of the stores I shop. It is amazing how helpful clerks are when you learn their names (hey, they've got cheater nametags anyway). I can name at least 10 clerks in my local WalMart as I always shop in the morning. I have gotten lost coming home though that was some time ago. I was newer to the farm and forgot the correct turn on my gravel lane. That's OK as it is easier to see from the other direction which deadends into a state route... (Also gave me a chance to meet new neighbors.) A thousand times a day I forget what I'm doing. Luckily, my house is small so I'm not wasting energy remember which room to which I was going(there are only 3). My older friends tell me it is old age, but I know better. They simply don't understand what it is like to live with Swiss cheese for brains at 42 yrs. old... Hold on to the fact that we all just have to find ways to deal with MS issues. Personally, I play Mah Jong on the computer (matching tiles) which helps me with memory. I also calculate my gas mileage on the way home from town in my head or keep track of what I'm spending in my head... Anything I can think of to exercise the ole noggin' LOL... xoxoxo
Reply #12 - 12/03/07 7:49pm
Thanks everyone. I'm definitely freaked out by this but knowing you all have similar things and manage to keep functioning makes me feel a little better. As soon as my daughter finishes her homework, she's off to bed and so am I...hopefully by 8pm. I am definitely not getting enough sleep. Used to be 5 hours was enough. Now I need 9.
Reply #13 - 12/03/07 8:12pm
oh how I can relate to this. It is a 'normal' thing when you have MS I think. I know that I have cognitive issues. I hope with LDN these will go away. Actually I started to take Fish Oil supplements and that does seem to help a little. Others notice the difference anyway. ~hugs~

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