Sunday, December 16, 2007


My 11th Annual Gingerbread Women in Pants Party yesterday was a rousing success...although I missed a lot of "regulars" who were busy with other responsibilities or caring for sick children. In all, there were about 20 of us counting women and children. We produced massive amounts of nude and clothed gingerbread women and girls and, for the first time, thanks to Libby's teenage daughter Ola, a transgender Gingerbread Person. She/he was GORGEOUS. I will upload photos as soon as my computer-avoiding cousin Karen sends them to me.

Ruby, Zane, and I had a lot of fun and loved seeing everyone. The party and the clean up used up all of my spoons for the day (and I didn't really finish all the clean up yet) so I didn't have energy to do my usual solitary decorating after all the guests left and the kids were in bed. Instead, I put all the undecorated women away for another night of solitary decorating. I also said "no" to a visit from Ken. I'm actually quite proud of my self discipline and boundary setting.

It's a good thing I set the boundaries. I got into bed at 8pm with some silly TV Christmas movie starring Ben Afflek and Christina Applegate and started feeling pain in the back of my throat. I heated up some leftover cider from the party to calm my throat but, by the time the movie was over, I had a stuffy nose and a really sore throat.

This morning, in addition to discovering that the fingertips on my left hand were permanently stained green from cookie decorating gel, I realized I was sick. Heavy bones, burning throat, sneezing and coughing sick. Ugh.

I wanted to go play in the snow outside but I'm afraid it's a jammy day. The kids ate frozen waffles and apples for breakfast and are enjoying the non-stop PBS Kids lineup. I am laying on the couch with my laptop and a tall glass of juice. Gotta go. Cyberchase is on and it's the Flying Parallinis episode.

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  1. Hi Julie. Don't know if you'll see this, but I saw you on and wanted to roll out the welcome mat for you, but your account won't accept Private messages (PM's) or emails. So I came here!

    I enjoy your writing style. I hope you continue to hang out at MSWorld -- don't be shy! There is a thread (in Cafe?) where you can introduce yourself.

    Hope to see you around, Rochelle aka Twinkletoes