Sunday, December 02, 2007

MS Party

I just gave Ruby and Zane their baths and I'm letting them play for a while before we do reading and bed. I rushed to my computer to tell you about our evening.


Ken, Ruby, Zane, and I just got back from the annual MS Society Holiday Party at the Sons of Italy Hall. That sort of says it all right there. When we were driving home, I was shocked to discover that we had only been there about an hour and a half. It felt like four or five hours at least.

I used to be in the front row at live concerts and dance 'til dawn. Now, I am hanging out with a bunch of old people wearing Christmas sweaters (them, not me!), eating bad piccata chicken and watching strangers' children spin around on a dance floor to Christmas caroles played by a middle-aged country/western band in a rented hall, listening to my children complain about the crappy grab bag gifts.

Why in the world did I go? I thought it would be fun. For me, for Ken, and for the kids. There were other children there. But, their "nice" parents brought overpriced, presents suitable for Christmas morning for them to "draw" in the grab bag instead of the little token gifts I brought for my children. When they first opened their presents, Ruby loved her little spirograph toy and Zane thought his dinosaur puzzle was cool. Then, they saw the rockem sockem robots, art kit, and Spiderman sneakers that other kids received.

Ruby sulked and complained and Zane kept trying to get the boys to let him play with the robots. It was horrible. The few people from the monthly MS Society meetings that I actually liked and who seemed to like me, weren't there. It was all the cliquey ones (can you imagine? An MS clique???!!) who make me nuts at the meetings with all their cross talk, insider's jokes, etc. It was hell. Pure, unadulterated hell in a Sons of Italy Hall. I guess I should be glad I'm not Ken. He had to pay $20 and bring a dessert! As a person with MS, this fun-filled affair was free to me and the kids.

I am going to do everything possible to find a cure for MS. Some may think I'm selfish, but that is absolutely not true. I am in search of a cure so people of my children's generation do not have to suffer with MS and go to horrific holiday parties like this one. OH MY GOD!


  1. J-
    I went to One MS Christmas party. Same story. Your Blog has been great to read. I find your humor and straight talk very comforting. You have a great way with words and most importantly you are LIVING with MS. Thanks for making me smile. Did you read about the goalie for the Providence Bruins, he has MS. His name is Jordan Sigalet, He is an adorable kid, I was luck enough to meet him at the MS Halloween party two years ago. Actually fun, it was held at Dave and Busters.

    Have a great day!

  2. my mom said she noticed cliques at my grandmother's nursing home - guess it never ends... Diane