Monday, October 15, 2007

When One Car Door Closes, Another Car Door Opens...

So Muhammed was real. He took a plane to Boston with cash and a Canadian license plate and drove my van home to Toronto today. He's a retired Canadian of Eastern Indian descent who was looking for an adventure, I think. Maybe I should paint a bunch of different cars and advertise them on the AARP web site. "Are you bored with retirement? Shake it up! Your grandkids will be happy to have you leave them this freakmobile when you kick the bucket." Ken's glad it's out of his driveway but I was a little sad to say goodbye.

I'm loving the Volvo, though. Did I mention what Ruby calls it? Let's just say she has noticed the linguistic similarity between the make of my new car and a female body part that rhymes with Mulva.
Karen Teacup and I had a photo shoot (work it baby, work it!) last week when the kids and I went to her house for dinner. She just sent over the pictures so now I can show off my new ride....and my Partridge Family jean jacket. (FYI: My "pose" is not early MS-related spasticity or muscle rigidity. Apparently, I'm just not that graceful.)

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  1. I can just hear Ruby saying that! Maybe because I can still clearly remember her comparative anatomy lessons with Becca and the dolls at daycare!
    Love the photo and that jacket!!