Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Matt's 12th Birthday

I worked from home today. Missed a workshop. Felt guilty but also felt like I had no choice. I hit a wall and couldn't get up.

MS is like a light switch (not to mix metaphors or anything). Or rather, MS makes ME like a like switch or a light bulb, maybe. (Hey, I'm trying to get a handle on this analogy in real time--cut me some slack!) I can either turn it off myself to conserve electricity or, if I leave my switch on too long, my circuits overload and all the power goes out at the worst time. That was today. Well, last night into today. I ran out of electricity and I had to recharge to get any light at all.

My light is dimming now. The kids are in bed. I put Ruby in my room until I go to bed because she and Zane were keeping each other up. I'm watching Private Practice--not as good as Grey's but the cute acupuncturist and the African American doctor (Is it Tye Diggs?) are fun to watch. I'm going to sign off and go pack lunches and pick out clothes in the ads so I can go to bed right at 10pm.

Happy Birthday, Matt!

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