Sunday, October 14, 2007

Did Too Much Today

Ok. Since when should a person be overtired after sleeping 8 hours at night, sitting on my butt in a meeting for an hour and a half, perusing a bookstore for a couple hours (most of it reading in a comfy seat or sitting on the floor in front of the bookshelves) and buying way too much stupid household and Halloween crap at K-mart? I feel like a ran a marathon! I feel old. I feel like I have MS. :-(

I only got home 10 minutes before John dropped off the kids, too, so I just had time to put away all the stuff I bought and go down to the lobby. We had a gourmet dinner of chicken noodle soup and crackers while Ruby and Zane told me all about the circus. After playing and jammies, Zane and I read The Little Engine that Could and Max's Chocolate Chicken and when I checked on him at 7:30, he was sound asleep. (WOO-HOO!) Ruby has been coloring and working on her the rainforest section of her animal journal (her own project). I just sent her to brush her teeth and to TRY to get all the unidentifiable stuff out from underneath her fingernails and then we'll read the next chapter in Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. I can't wait. Willy Wonka, Charlie, Mr. and Mrs. Bucket and the Grandpa Joe, and the three grandparents in bed were just about to enter the U.S. Space Hotel at the end of the last chapter.

Ruby just came out of the bathroom, saw her name on my computer screen, and read what I wrote about the stuff under her fingernails (she made me change "crud" to "stuff"). She wants me to remind you that she is only 8-years old. She's afraid she will be embarrassed if this part ends up in my book and the book ends up in the store and people will think she is older and that they will laugh at her having stuff under her fingernails. I assured her that they/you would not laugh at her because all of us have had unidentifiable stuff under our fingernails at one time or another. I think I'm going to close my computer faster next time. Everyone's an editor!

The buyer of my hand-painted minivan arrives from Canada tomorrow. I will believe this when I see it but Muhammed (who won the van in an eBay auction) SAYS he is flying into Boston and will take the Logan Express bus to Braintree tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, Ken will be able to come with me to meet Muhammed and take him to the van. I've made it very clear that I expect to be paid with either cash or a bank check and Muhammad says he is ok with me sending him the title after I get it in the mail from the RMV. Hmmmm. I know I loved driving the minivan and seeing all the reactions for 2 years and it is my brainchild and my family and friend's mobile art project, but I'm not sure I completely understand why someone who did NOT create this one-of-a-kind vehicle would pay $1500 and the cost of an international flight for a 6-year-old minivan with 107,000 miles on it and no AC, and an AM/FM stereo. What do you think?

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