Friday, October 26, 2007

Ow! My Aching Back.

I've had a busy week. Here are the highlights...or should I say lowlights:

On Monday, Ken and I had multiple misunderstandings via phone and email and I wondered if I was going to have to find a new Halloween costume (we're going to a party at Teacup's house as Sonny and Cher tomorrow night). Because he is a guy, he didn't necessarily go to the it's-our-first-fight-and-because-something-sucks-it-must-be-all-over-place where I visited momentarily. Needless to say, we made up...well, sort of...we tabled the misunderstanding and decided fighting didn't feel very nice. My counselor has suggested I cut him some slack and only revisit the subject with a time limit on the discussion. Ya, that'll be a piece of cake for me.

On Wednesday, a sexy neurology resident named Dr. Thomas made me lay on my side wearing a hospital johnny and no underpants....(I bet you're wondering where this is going, aren't you?) Then, after sticking some small needles with what was supposed to be numbing solution into my lower back (just above my one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish tattoo), he stuck a much thicker and longer needle into the space between two vertebrae to remove some of my spinal fluid. He actually had to perform the lumbar puncture twice since it didn't go well the first time. After the needle went in, I started having sharp pains and twitching in my right leg as if I was struck by lightning repeatedly. Needless to say, it wasn't fun. The female intern in the room saved me from my panic by asking me what I was listening to in my earphones. It was (of course) Counting Crows, which got me talking about the band, my favorite concerts, my close encounters, etc. which helped relieve the nausea and made me not really notice very much when the needle went in the second time. I hope the mighty (and handsome) Dr. Thomas, learned something from his nameless female intern. Instead of just saying "Breathe, breathe," and expecting me to "toughen up," she did something really radical: she talked to me and got me talking to her which relaxed and distracted me. The remote reiki probably helped, too. Thanks, Laura, and AWOL sister.

Ok. So, that was two days ago and I'm still in pain...when I walk, when I sit, and sometimes, like now, when I lay down. Dr. Cho, my regular neurologist, who also happens to be very cute and likes to wear purple shirts and ties, thinks that the lumbar puncture exacerbated an active MS lesion in the area. I feel pain and tightness in my lower back, my butt, my legs and the knobby part of my spine up by my neck. This sucks. I have to go for yet another MRI of my lumbar region this time. Can someone tell me WHY they didn't just do an MRI of my entire body to find EVERYTHING in one fell swoop????

I still wonder what the hell happened to me????? I mean, I thought I had pink eye for cryin' out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The other day Christina told me she had a dream that I told her I dreamt that I had MS. In other words, it was all just a bad dream. The, Ken told me he had a dream that I got a shot to cure the M.S. Ahhhh. If only...

I'm reading Eat, Pray, Love and trying to focus on the present and the opportunity within this rancid pile of crap called MS. Is it wrong to think Elizabeth Gilbert had it easier suffering and growing in Italy, India, and Indonesia?

On the plus side, Sandra cleaned my house for the second time today and my refrigerator is SPOTLESS. Well worth the trade for the Buick and I still have 8 weeks to go! Please let me know if you need a housecleaner in the Greater Boston area--she's looking for other clients and she's fabulous. Then, Ruby, Zane, and I ended this crappy week having fun at the Academy Avenue Halloween Parade and Party tonight. Ruby was a purple witch and Zane was a black Power Ranger. I didn't want to blend in with all the normal parents, so I wore a glitter mask and a purple punk wig.

Have a nice weekend.

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