Friday, October 12, 2007


Tired. Wicked tired. Dropped the kids off, went to counseling, came home, had a conference call for webinar planning and fell asleep for 2 hours. Is it MS fatigue? Is it flu-like side effects from the Rebif meds? Tonight will be my fourth injection. I think I will go with the fatty part of my upper right arm. I've done both thighs, I've done the left arm...gotta keep it moving.

I picked Ruby and Zane up before 3:30 today. We came home and met a new babysitter so I can go to a meeting every Tuesday night. Abby is a nursing student and a mom and Ruby and Zane approved of her. :-) When I asked John if he could keep the kids for an extra hour and a half on Tuesday nights--his regular weekday evening with them--he said "that doesn't work for me." Grrrrr. (Have I mentioned lately how glad I am that I was not diagnosed with MS when I was still married?)

I'm starting to notice that it's a little weird to have conversations with people who regularly read my blog. I love that people are reading it but it feels strange that they have the information edge. They know so much about what's going on it with me and I don't have the same level of info about them. Is this the work of a narcissist who wants it to be "all about me?" Hmmm. I guess all writers of autobiographic books are a bit self-absorbed. I mean, obviously, we think our lives are worthy of other people's interest. Is it arrogant to think that my life is interesting and amusing enough for that kind of attention? Hmmm. Deep thoughts by Lazy Julie.

Have a nice weekend. I am kidless from 9am tomorrow until 5pm on Sunday and I'm looking forward to resting, having a grown-up dinner out with Ken tomorrow night, going to meetings alone, and maybe taking a nice, long walk. How about you?

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