Sunday, May 02, 2010

Feel Good Moments

These are the things that made me feel good today:
  • Seeing cool people who I like who like me back at church this morning.
  • Almost bursting with pride when my self-assured 10-year old walked to the front of the "big church" and was eloquent beyond her years making an announcement about her religious education class raising money for the local animal shelter.
  • Having several people notice and compliment my newly painted purple toenails!
  • Having a picnic on the train playground after church with the kids and remembering doing the same thing when Ruby was a toddler.
  • Finding Lovely Bones--a book I've wanted to read--in the large print section of the library.
  • Savoring a single dark chocolate Hershey's Kiss wrapped in purple foil and then saying "no" to a second one because one was enough. (No small feat for this sugar addict.)
  • Playing Sorry with the kids after dinner.
  • Snuggling with my Zane to read a bedtime book that I believe I read when I was younger--Freckle Juice by Judy Blume.
  • Traveling the world vicariously while watching The Amazing Race. 
  • Feeling beautiful all day in my clingy wrap dress but then really enjoying the feeling of taking off my spanx at the end of the day.


  1. That was a lovely list. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Very nice. I always liked Carole King and this was well done. I don't care for her hair in this video though, it reminds me of Glenn Close in a certain movie where a pet rabbit ends up in .....okay, I'm going to think happy thoughts now. Beautiful!

  3. it is hard some days to find things to feel good about. your list makes me realize there are ALWAYS things to feel good about. my cousin and i were talking about tattoos (long story) and he said the only one he would ever get would be a letter "G" on the web between thumb and forefinger, to remind him of the what, to him, is the most important thing, gratitude. i agreed, and might steal the idea. thanks for your list. made me smile.