Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Zane's New Haircut

Am I a cool mom or what?


  1. He looks great! Zack is going to be jealous! He wanted to get one but then found out how long he would have to sit still to get it done and changed his mind. Zane would fit right-in in Northern Virginia.

  2. When we cut Matthew's hair for the first time, he had a big afro and Richard really wanted to see what the Mowhawk would look like. (Richard really wanted Matthew to be Mr. T for Halloween- I vetoed it). So we Mowhawked his hair before we shaved it all off. I will try to add a pic.

  3. Julie,

    His profile looks just like yours. What a cutie-pie.

    Rachel K.

  4. Too cute. My son Kaine donned a hawk for the entire 4th grade. My 15 yr old is asking about green hair dye now but we will see....