Friday, July 04, 2008

I have a problem...

Hi, my name is Julie. I am powerless over Facebook Scrabulous and my life is unmanageable. Ok. that might be putting too hard a point on the pencil. I was really just looking for an amusing reason to explain my lack of writing.

I've been on vacation for the last week, but I have a lot going on: packing; moving; unpacking; organizing; decorating; being a non-compliant MS patient; locking myself out of my new place and climbing in the laundry room window wearing jammies; hanging out with Zane (e.g., swimming, reading, ice cream, playing in our new yard, exploring our new town, getting his first library card); grabbing kisses and more when and where I can with Ken; dealing with all the little details that don't go according to plan with a move (e.g, the Post Office canceling mail instead of forwarding it, trying to sign up for utilities via the Internet and inadvertently making appointments with competing cable/phone/Internet providers for the same day); driving away with my cell phone on the roof of the car and, after it crashed to the pavement, I no longer have any visuals, including my phone book and caller ID. missing my Rubilicious terribly (she went to Maine to visit her Auntie for a week--three days longer than I agreed to. Grrrrrr.); and playing Scrabulous in free moments.

Apparently, I am not quite ready to be restored to sanity.

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