Friday, July 11, 2008

When I was pricing moving companies for my recent relocation, I found a guy named Matt Boynton who is a business school student with a true entrepreneurial spirit. In addition to being very smart and business savvy, Matt is a very handsome guy with a nice butt who is young enough to classify me as a cougar for even THINKING THAT THOUGHT. (My younger, single readers shouldn't get too excited. He has a girlfriend.) Anyway, Matt started a business called where you can hire students for $23 per hour per student. I hired three of them to move all my stuff into the new house and then rented a 24 foot UHaul to put it all it. They did an awesome job and it only took three hours. A coworker had a very positive experience with them, too. According to Matt, they will do just about anything (paining, yard work, etc.). I highly recommend them.

Matt may be a future business partner, too, if either one of us finds the backing to follow through on my idea that he loved to have a portable, roll-out ramp that people can affix to the top of the stairs when they move to simply slide the boxes up and down.

If anyone could make it happen, Mr. Boynton could. He reminded me of my brother John (who celebrates a birthday today!). John is a very smart, very courageous, and very successful businessman and he is going to die of envy when our portable stair ramp makes a million dollars.

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