Monday, July 28, 2008

My Book Proposal and Creative Visualization

After surveying friends and writers that I trust, I've decided that I'm going to go the traditional publishing route: find an agent who will then shop it around to publishers. In marketing speak: I will focus on my "core competency" and, while I'm writing, I will delegate the rest to those with that particular expertise. Rather than spend my "spoons" and money on printing and marketing a self-published book, I will, instead, write a masterpiece of a book proposal that will include a sample chapter/essay of Maybe I'm Just Lazy: One Woman's Journey Through MS and Life.

The proposal will be such a riveting page turner that I will have to choose from several agents who would like to represent me and find the best house to publish Maybe I'm Just Lazy. Then, my fabulous agent, who becomes one of my best buds, will help me pick a publisher and I will be assigned to an awesome editor who really gets me and my sense of humor and thinks I'm absolutely brilliant. She, too, will become a regular at Chez Lazy Julie, enjoying iced coffee on the deck and telling me stories of famous writers she's edited. When the book comes out, I will go on a virtual tour of the US, with satellite interviews airing in all the major markets. I will visit local bookstores to sign books and read from Maybe I'm Just Lazy.

The book will really take off and, within a few months, I will be asked to be on daytime talk shows, culminating with my appearance on Oprah. She will absolutely love me and will be blown away when I have her wear the MS glasses and other props to know what it feels like to experience Optic Neuritis and other symptoms of MS. The footage will be picked up by all local network affiliates and people all over the nation will be talking about MS. A medical student who has decided he wants to do research instead of patient care, will see the footage and decide that it's his mission to find a cure for MS. And he will.

And we all lived happily ever after.


  1. Love this! I have been using creative visualization today and in my life and find that it works. Great idea about the virtual book tour! Bon voyage!

  2. That's how it's going to go down for me too. I just need to finish the book now. I was on a role but now I hit a wall. Don't worry, I didn't steal your title (Lol).

  3. lol...this sounds wonderful! when i visit the bookstore...there truly are not many books about MS so...i think it could be a big hit.

  4. That's really a wonderful plan Julie. I love the Oprah scenario.

    Merelyme and I have been talking about the lack of really good MS books, especially ones which actually take up shelf space in the book stores.

    Your year is almost up. Time to get writing.

    Look luck with the proposals. Do let us know how it all works out.